Kachur Tree Service


We offer a variety of natural and colored mulch. There are eight different variations to choose from to provide the best landscaping possible. These variations include colored mulch of Red, Black, Mocha Brown, and Cherry Brown. We also offer natural colored mulch of Economy, Premium Hardwood, Pine, and Wood Chips. Our wide selection is shown in the pictures below.

Mulch Variations

Colored Mulch

Red MulchBlack Mulch

Mocha BrownCherry BrownMocha Brown and Cherry Brown


Natural Hardwood

EconomyPremium Hardwood


To calculate the total yards of mulch needed use the table below.

Length x Width = sq. ft.
Divide by 162 2 inches thick
Divide by 108 3 inches thick
Divide by 81 4 inches thick

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